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Saving you time and stress with our high-quality Research, Project Delivery, Business Writing and Spreadsheet Design services



We make everything simple. We provide research, project delivery, business writing and spreadsheet design services for individuals, start-ups, SMEs and NGOs; anyone who doesn’t have the time or capacity to research or deliver a process, project or document and wants to outsource the problem.

We can quickly get up to speed on your requirements, then let you get back to your priorities, while we read the fine print, do the analysis and find you the best solution.

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Translating your problems into a tailor-made set of easy to follow steps

Got a bureaucratic mountain to tackle and unsure where to start? Considering investing in a new technology but no time to investigate options? Let us do the research, investigate the options, anticipate the pitfalls, talk to service providers, analyse costs, and ask the awkward questions so you don't have to.

We'll present our findings back to you in the form of a tailor-made set of simple, easy to follow steps.


Let us make things even simpler

Perhaps you're short on capacity and need more than an action plan -you need someone to follow a project through.

Assuming it is appropriate and compliant for us to complete a process on your behalf, we are happy to do so for an additional fee.

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Tender Responses, Grant Proposals, Applications, Business and Financial Plans, Project Evaluations, Strategic Documents

Need help managing or drafting a professional document? We are experts in crafting strategic documents including grant submissions, programme evaluations, business and financial plans and successful tender responses.

With one call we can quickly get up to speed on your requirements. After that, we'll leave you to focus on your core business while we develop a concise, professional document to meet your objectives.


Tailor-Made Spreadsheets to bring you calm and simplify your systems

We understand that in the early years of a new business many processes and systems are supported by bespoke spreadsheets. Upgrading (or creating) these spreadsheets can save you time, help you to avoid mistakes, support you in keeping track of customers, suppliers, stock, and finances, and improve your overall operations.

In providing these services, we invest time upfront in carefully understanding your requirements and preferences. We then use our expertise to create beautiful, intuitive, robust spreadsheets to suit your needs. Throughout this process, we provide regular check-ins to ensure we are creating something exactly in line with what you want, and each spreadsheet we produce is accompanied by explainer video detailing the 'behind the scenes' operations for your reference.

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Tom Archer, CTO Ambisense

We Make Everything Simple supported Ambisense in the development of a €2.5M European Innovation Council Accelerator Fund submission. 

"Aoife was instrumental in getting our €2.5M EIC application through to the final stage. She developed a deep working knowledge of both the commercial and technical aspects of the projects enabling her to successfully project manage the writing of the bid. EIC bid writing is an involved process, Aoife was able to take the load freeing me and my team to continue working on other aspects of the business."


Let us know a little about the problem we can help you with, and we'll get back to you with next steps.

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Aoife Salizzo is a highly motivated business consultant with expertise in bringing clarity to complex problems, and a strong technical and business background.

In 2020 Aoife established We Make Everything Simple to deliver high-quality research, project management, spreadsheet design and business writing services to individuals, start-ups, SMEs and NGOs.

Prior to We Make Everything Simple, Aoife worked as a Manager at EY’s Strategy Consulting Practice in Dublin. Aoife has also worked extensively in the energy sector -as a Market Modelling Analyst at ESB, and a Power Trader at Gaelectric.

Aoife holds an MSc in Energy Management from Technical University Dublin, and a BAI in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering from Trinity College Dublin.

As co-founder of Fireless Cookers Uganda, and former President of Engineers Without Borders Ireland, Aoife also has an in-depth understanding of the not-for-profit sector.

Do you have a project you've been putting off that you'd love to hand over to someone to simplify? Reach out at and let’s discuss what we can do for you.



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